More LOVE for Jibber Jabbers Books!

We love our books of course, but we especially love to hear that YOU love them too! It’s kinda like when someone tells you how great your child’s performance was. We know our kid is great, but it’s even better to hear it from the public.

Here’s what folks are saying about our books!

My Grandma Could Do ANYTHING! 

My Grandma Could do Anything!

An imaginative, child’s eye perspective on the youthfulness of Grandma.

Connie MacRae, PhD. Early Education

My preschool kids just loved this book! It is a wonderful, interactive experience. My kids couldn’t help but shout, “BUT SHE COULD!” after every page.

Deb Gedenberg Dream Makers Preschool

Delightful, fun, witty and warm! This is a charming book for any grandparent with young grandchildren to love life with!

Kerry Lee MacLean—Author of The Peaceful Piggy Meditation Book

My Grandma Could Do ANYTHING in Hawaii! 

My Grandma Could do Anything in Hawaii!

This is a wonderful book for any Tutu (Grandma).

Nancy H.—Hawaii, The Big Island

What a refreshing and fun book! You just have to chuckle at the cute drawings. It really captures the joy of being a grandma and uniquely gets that message across to keiki (“children” in Hawaiian).

Pat P.—Today’s Little People, Honolulu, Hawaii

A great way for your keiki to remember Grandma and Hawaii.

Luz S.—Aloha Keiki and Teen Wear at the Warf, Lahaina, Maui



My Dad Could Do ANYTHING! 

It almost goes without saying, but you love dad, too!

My Dad Could do Anything!

This book is a wonderfully imaginative perspective of Dad. It’s sure to be read over and over.

Connie MacRae, PhD. Early Education

My preschool children just loved this book! As with the “My Grandma Could Do Anything” book, a fantastic interactive experience.

Deb Gedenberg Dream Makers Preschool

The best part of being a Dad is having fun with your kids and this book brings out all the fun!

Ray Tollison—Cool Dad and children’s book illustrator


If you love our books, post your appreciation in the comments below.

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