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Here Today, Been to Maui!

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Maui beach in moonlight


It’s a snowy day in Boulder today so my first thoughts (after the morning cup of Joe) are is there any way to skip work go directly to the airport and hop a plane to Maui. The answer, “No, pineapple head and get back to Planet Gotta Make a Living (and No Palm Trees for you!).” Well, maybe just looking at some old photos can help with the Maui joneses (great diversion,…I recommend it). As I look back at the photos I realize that the reason I enjoyed it so much was because it was such a great family experience.
There is so much for the family to do, snorkeling (swallowing salt water…yumm), body surfing (more salt water), hiking (Are wild boars around during the day?), tennis( that ball was “ IN,” you cannot be serious!) and generally soaking in the Aloha spirit. People talk about this and there really is an Aloha Spirit and once you experience it, you can never forget it. It’s really a number of things… the tropical weather, the aroma of the flowers, the gorgeous scenery and the wild life. But obviously the most important part is the people. The best way I can describe Hawaiians is gentle, warm and generally very “sweet”.
Our family has enjoyed the benefits of visits to the islands and except for the occasional screaming to stop for Shave Ice, everything has been amazing. My Hawaii book was inspired by these visits and it was a labor of love to write.




NEW! Toddler Tees with attitude!

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NEW from Jibber Jabbers! Your toddler has an attitude…why shouldn’t his/her t-shirts? Check out these tees and tell us whether they sound like your little guy or gal in the comments below. We had toddlers once upon a time; we know they are cute, cuddly and have wills of steel! We are planning a tee giveaway soon – details later – but we’ll be judging who has the tot with the most attitude!

Still the MAN! Tot Tee

Your toddler has attitude! Buy him a tee that reflects his sentiments. “I may be small, but I’m still the man!” tells the world he is a force to be reckoned with! Simple 100% cotton, royal blue crew-neck tee with one-color screened graphic.

My Finger may be small, but I can still wrap my daddy around it! Tee


Your little diva may be small, but she sure has attitude! “My finger may be small, but I can still wrap my daddy around it” lets everyone know who’s really in charge! Simple 100% cotton, bright pink crew-neck tee with one-color screened graphic.

Toddler—Be Afraid. Be very afraid. Tee

Warning! Warning! Toddler on the loose! You know what I’m talking about. Run for your lives and be sure to get your toddler this tee. Your friends and family really need a heads-UP! Simple 100% cotton, red crew-neck tee with one-color screened graphic.


Don't make me call Grandma! Tee

Your toddler knows when to appeal to a higher authority. “Don’t make me call Grandma” puts everyone on notice – don’t mess with me, I have GRANDMA on my side!  Simple 100% cotton, light yellow crew-neck tee with one-color screened graphic.

Mahalo for Maui

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Nakalele Blowhole

The Nakalele Blowhole is a site we visit often on our trips to Maui. The drive there is as much fun as the short hike to the blowhole. As you can see it’s very popular. It’s one of the suggested stops along the spectacular west Maui highway. Obviously Grandma is enjoying the ocean spray as well. She put on SPF 70 so no worries there.

Speaking of Grandma, It looks like she might be edging a little close the the edge. I guess that makes sense, she’s always lived on the edge anyway. As you can see, she’s literally Rocking Maui which is the only way to go.

Mahalo everyone for reading!


Rocky Mountains–Climb Grandma Climb!

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Grandma rappelling in the mountains

Grandma rock climbing in the mountains!

Colorado and all the amazingly active Grandmas who enjoy the mountains inspired the book “My Grandma Could do Anything in the Rocky Mountains.”

I know the book says “but she could!”, there are many Grandmas were the caption should be “but she does!” The baby boomers are the new grandparents and they are redefining the stereotype. This is what happens when a demographic refuses to grow old. Peter Pan for the guys and if Peter had a sister (maybe Patty Pan) for the girls.

That’s OK, why not? As the famous philosopher Schlitz once said “you only go around once in life”. So let’s really “Go Around!”. Let’s ski those Black Diamonds, let’s hike those Fourteeners, let’s hang glide over valleys (well, maybe not that) but you get the idea. I should start another series titles “My Grandma Does These Things and you Can Too…Punk!” (or Punkette). Sorry, that was a bit harsh. But hey, you gotta be tough in this world if you want to play with the Big Grannies.


Maroon Bells – Hear the Nature?

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Marron Bells Colorado Rockies

Outside of Aspen Colorado are the Maroon Bells. Although this is hard to document,The Bells are believed to be the  most photographed scene in Colorado. As you can see they are spectacular. Quite frankly, photos really don’t do them justice (even when I drop in a picture of Grandma and friends). A hike up to Crater Lake is definitely recommended. From Maroon Lake this hike serpentines through wooded areas and rock fields with plenty of reasons to stop and take in the awesomeness.You might even run into a marmot hanging around the rocks.It is a very special Marmot in Time when you do (sorry). This is my favorite spot to visit in Colorado. I try to make the trip once a year…it’s my soul candy.

Add your own captions for Grandma and the turtle in the comments section.

Have Fun at The Zoo!- Well Who Doesn’t?

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Laughing Zebra

Exotic Animals AND Exotic Humans for the price of a single admission ticket.

Kids definitely get the biggest kick out of seeing the animals (the ones without the braces).

They immediately try to make associations with human behavior. A gorilla hanging around sitting on a couch like a bed of branches.

“Look, Just like Daddy!” they might shout.

A lion and her cubs elicit a logical question.

“If we have stuffed animals to help us go to sleep, do they have little stuffed humans to help them?”

Well, those tiny little nuggets can either keep us laughing like hyenas or groaning like longhorns.

Whether it’s at the City Zoo or the zoo inside their house,  we should  just always remember to look at the kids like the adoring Grandmas do (with rose colored contacts).

Dads are Cool…

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Dad Hoisting a dinosaur

(at least that’s what they tell their kids)

We focused a lot on Grandmas so far in this blog but I also have a fun book about Dads.
It’s very silly and very enjoyable (Dad mows lawns with monsters, gives a hippo a haircut, lifts a dinosaur over his head to name a few). Young kids really love it.
When my kids were young, being a silly Dad was so much fun and their reactions were
always greeted with fits of laughter. My kids have outgrown most of the silly stuff
(but I haven’t and I still give it a try). If I only had a nickel for every rolled eye (that’s two kids times two rolled eyes….adds up quick!). Anyway, the point is Dads keep trying to entertain (usually with the same jokes…Classics!) and never want to lose their best audience … their kids. I guess my point is Celebrate the Silly while you can and enjoy the moments shared. Uh Oh, am I getting too sentimental? Probably, remember Dads are softies too.


Great Sacandaga

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Sacandaga Lake

Let’s go skiing now, everybody’s learning how. Come on and skifari with me!

Just visited upstate New York and the Adirondacks where I grew up.  Going home is always fun. Seeing old friends,relatives and the beautiful scenery always seems to center me.
A person can never change their roots, it’s in their DNA. For the most part, that’s a good thing. It’s the foundation and reference on which all experiences are built.

Now to the fun part….water skiing! Yeah (I think?)

As with many lakes, water skiing is the primary water sport and the Great Sacandaga is no different. Water skiing is like riding a bike (without the ugly shorts). Once you’ve learned it, seems like you can always get up. Skiing on one ski however is a little more challenging. Sometimes those motor skills need a major lube job. One thing that does come back VERY quickly is how hard the water is when you fall.
At a certain age (yes, I’ve reached it) you start taking inventory after the “Big Splashdown”. Let’s see, arms,legs,teeth,ear wax,contacts,wedding ring etc. Once that’s over, you give the OK signal to the boat’s skipper that you’re fine (sort of).

“Want to try it again?” the skipper yells.
“Yeah sure…next year” ( I swear I can hear fish laughing at me).

I can chalk off another year that I can water ski. Damn, I’m good. “The Dad” does it again. Haven’t lost anything except the desire to do it more than once a year.

July 4th- OOH! AHH! Fireworks!

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Dad with Sparklers

I went up to a parking lot overlooking Boulder to view the fireworks on Monday.

It was the perfect spot for viewing the fireworks and the patriotic scene of families, couples and k9′s. From our vantage spot we could see fireworks from up and down the Front Range.

We counted four distinct displays (Boulder’s was the last to start for some reason).

While waiting,I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on some of the conversations around me (very entertaining).

An elderly man was going on about his experiences at an African airport. “no cell phone reception ‘ he said almost in a slight panic and “16 year old soldiers heavily armed on the tarmac” (I’m not sure what was more scary for him).

A little kid asked his Dad what their dog’s favorite color was. My daughter offered a quick response “purple” she blurted out  (what a coincidence, that’s her favorite color too).

I overheard a foreign accent and couldn’t help wondering if this was their first 4th of July celebration in America. If it was, what were they thinking? Large thoughts about America or when are these damn fireworks going to start? I think everyone there was thinking a little of both. Well, the damn fireworks finally started and the chorus of oohs and ahhs began.

I even heard some mocking of oohs and ahhs from some immature patriots (OK, I promise not to do it next year).

Well the fireworks didn’t disappoint, they were great. You could sense the proud spirit and gratitude to the Americans past and present who make this country great.


Adding More Laughs to Life!

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Another new blog…I know, the world is waiting with bated breath for this!
Well, I heard the call so here it is.

Mom and child reading and laughing.

Read "My Grandma Could Do ANYTHING!" to your child today!

I like to laugh and if I can make someone else laugh, it makes my day.

I remember way WAY back when my 6th Grade teacher (a nun) said,”Mr. Dilz, the whole world is one big joke to you, isn’t it?”

I didn’t dare respond but my inner thought was, “and that’s a bad thing?”

Of course the world is not one big joke, but there are plenty of parts that are very humorous. Humor is second only to love as a universal language.
My goal, mission (whatever) is to add more laughs to the universe (is that too lofty?).

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