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New York, New York. So great they named it twice.

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I’ve been working on a new Grandma book. My Grandma could do anything in New York which should be available shortly.

I’m going to be posting a few of the illustrations from the book and if anyone has some feedback, it would be appreciated.

I love NYC and all it has to offer. This book was so much fun to write. I worked with a different artist to help with the illustrations and I just love how she has interpreted my sketches. Very colorful and playful. We should be going to press soon and the epub version should be available at the end of September with the printed book possibly around Thanksgiving. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Grandma Directs traffic in Times SquareGrandma Drives a Subway Car



New York Book in Progress

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Illustration of Grandma hang gliding around the Statue of Liberty

Here is a new page from our upcoming book “My Grandma Could do Anything in New York City!” The accompanying text says, “My Grandma doesn’t hang glide around the Statue of Liberty….but she could! I’ll keep you posted on new artwork as it arrives.

Braving the Wild to Get….The Shot!

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Photo of 2 bears in a diorama

That’s right, I took this photo in the wild. The wild of the Denver Natural History Museum. I had to dodge strollers, Grandmas chasing toddlers and school groups (not easy). Luckily these bears stood motionless for me (being stuffed will do that). I tried to sneak up as close as I could,but then my head hit the glass of the diorama. No worries, I’m OK.

On a serious note, the day was exceptional. I highly recommend the Denver Natural History Museum to anyone in close proximity to Denver. Great exhibits, IMAX shows and even the lunch was great (no, I don’t work for the Museum).

Check out my book “My Grandma Could do Anything in the Rocky Mountains” for some fun ways Grandma experiences the outdoors.


You like us…

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…You really like us! And you especially like our book, My Grandma Could Do ANYTHING in Hawaii! 
My Grandma Could do Anything in Hawaii!

Here’s what folks are saying about it:

This is a wonderful book for any Tutu (Grandma).

Nancy H.—Hawaii, The Big Island

What a refreshing and fun book! You just have to chuckle at the cute drawings. It really captures the joy of being a grandma and uniquely gets that message across to keiki (“children” in Hawaiian).

Pat P.—Today’s Little People, Honolulu, Hawaii

A great way for your keiki to remember Grandma and Hawaii.

Luz S.—Aloha Keiki and Teen Wear at the Warf, Lahaina, Maui

If you love this book, or any of our other books, post your appreciation in the comments below.

Then head over to our Facebook page and get your free download of our first Grandma book, My Grandma Could Do ANYTHING! Like and collect the link from our wall posts. Facebook.com/JibberJabbersBooks


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Mahalo for the Amazing Respose to “My Grandma Could do Anything in Hawaii” Book Ad

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Mahalo to everyone who ordered my book “My Grandma Could do Anything in Hawaii”. The ad in Hawaii Magazine was a huge success and the orders are still coming in. Molly N. wrote “Can’t believe your service…the book and t-shirt arrived today!!! I’m delighted with both.” Thanks Molly for the kind words, I’m so happy you enjoyed my products. A reminder to my visitors, “Like” us on Facebook and receive a free digital download of “My Grandma Could do Anything!”. The link is on the top and side of this blog.


Wailea Sunsets

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Photo of Wailea Sunset in Hawaii

Wailea sunsets are very special as anyone who has witnessed will attest. There is a certain respectful silence and tranquility that surrounds the lucky viewers. Cameras go up and whispers of appreciation can be heard. Gratitude is the word of the evening.

Maui Ocean Center-Aloha to Fun and Learning

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I’ve visited the Maui Ocean Center many times on my trips to Maui. Everytime I go, I see and experience something new and exciting.

The video above gives a brief explanation on animal life in the oceans around Maui. Just in case you can’t snorkel or dive to see these animals first hand, this video will give you a ringside seat without getting wet or having to put on sunscreen. Relax and enjoy fun facts on the following: Hammer Head Sharks,Frogfish,Tiger Sharks,Parrot Fish, White Tip Reef Sharks, Moray Eels,Grey Reef Sharks and Black Tip Reef Sharks.

My kids really enjoyed their visits, I’m sure yours will too.


Maui Ocean Center


Here Today, Been to Maui!

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Maui beach in moonlight


It’s a snowy day in Boulder today so my first thoughts (after the morning cup of Joe) are is there any way to skip work go directly to the airport and hop a plane to Maui. The answer, “No, pineapple head and get back to Planet Gotta Make a Living (and No Palm Trees for you!).” Well, maybe just looking at some old photos can help with the Maui joneses (great diversion,…I recommend it). As I look back at the photos I realize that the reason I enjoyed it so much was because it was such a great family experience.
There is so much for the family to do, snorkeling (swallowing salt water…yumm), body surfing (more salt water), hiking (Are wild boars around during the day?), tennis( that ball was “ IN,” you cannot be serious!) and generally soaking in the Aloha spirit. People talk about this and there really is an Aloha Spirit and once you experience it, you can never forget it. It’s really a number of things… the tropical weather, the aroma of the flowers, the gorgeous scenery and the wild life. But obviously the most important part is the people. The best way I can describe Hawaiians is gentle, warm and generally very “sweet”.
Our family has enjoyed the benefits of visits to the islands and except for the occasional screaming to stop for Shave Ice, everything has been amazing. My Hawaii book was inspired by these visits and it was a labor of love to write.