I am a person of few words and even fewer when it comes to writing about myself. :)

So here are the basics and minimum if you would like to know.

I was born and raised in Schenectady, NY. If you enjoy the humor in my books or on my t-shirts, you can thank the people of Schenectady. Humor is an essential part of the culture.

I moved to Boulder, CO, years ago and currently reside there. I spent my early days in Boulder mostly working in restaurants and trying to figure out a small business to start. I finally got a break when I was working at a company that screen-printed on running shorts. I learned the trade of screen printing and started my own apparel company. Our specialty was original funny phrases on kids shirts (“Party My Crib 3:00AM,” “Don’t Make Me Call Grandma,” and “Crib Potato” to name a few).

From the success of these shirts I got the idea to write some kids’ books (with help from some talented artists) . To my pleasant surprise, they have been very well received. My books are currently sold in stores across America and are available online in digital and paperback editions. I’m really looking forward to writing more and I’m presently working on a New York City book and one about a character I created called Pants the Dog. I’ll keep you posted in my blog.

I am married and have two kids. We love to travel, hike and play sports (tennis is our favorite).

I’m looking forward to creating a fun, interesting read for you and all members of your family. I get most of my ideas from my kids, friends, traveling and general observations around Boulder.

The mission of my company (Rein Designs Inc./Jibber Jabbers) has always been to put a little fun into the world while supporting local charities and national organizations. I love to donate books to St. Jude Hospital and we also support Mexican orphanages, The Salvation Army, MS groups, various cancer organizations, among others. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to give back.

Rein Designs, Inc./Jibber Jabbers was “green before green was cool” and supports all facets of being a good steward of the earth.

Thanks for visiting.


Maroon Bells – Hear the Nature?
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Outside of Aspen Colorado are the Maroon Bells. Although this is hard to document,The Bells are believed to be the  most photographed scene in Colorado. As you can see they…

Maroon Bells – Hear the Nature?
Having Fun at The Zoo!- Well Who Doesn't?
Posted 9 years ago

Exotic Animals AND Exotic Humans for the price of a single admission ticket.

Kids definitely get the biggest kick out of seeing the animals (the ones without the braces).

They immediately try…

Have Fun at The Zoo!- Well Who Doesn’t?
Dads are Cool…
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(at least that's what they tell their kids)
We focused a lot on Grandmas so far in this blog but I also have a fun book about Dads.
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Great Sacandaga
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Let's go skiing now, everybody's learning how. Come on and skifari with me!
Just visited upstate New York and the Adirondacks where I grew up.  Going home is always fun. Seeing…

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July 4th- OOH! AHH! Fireworks!
Posted 9 years ago

I went up to a parking lot overlooking Boulder to view the fireworks on Monday.

It was the perfect spot for viewing the fireworks and the patriotic scene of families, couples…

July 4th- OOH!  AHH!  Fireworks!