Braving the Wild to Get….The Shot!

by Ric Dilz. 0 Comments

Photo of 2 bears in a diorama

That’s right, I took this photo in the wild. The wild of the Denver Natural History Museum. I had to dodge strollers, Grandmas chasing toddlers and school groups (not easy). Luckily these bears stood motionless for me (being stuffed will do that). I tried to sneak up as close as I could,but then my head hit the glass of the diorama. No worries, I’m OK.

On a serious note, the day was exceptional. I highly recommend the Denver Natural History Museum to anyone in close proximity to Denver. Great exhibits, IMAX shows and even the lunch was great (no, I don’t work for the Museum).

Check out my book “My Grandma Could do Anything in the Rocky Mountains” for some fun ways Grandma experiences the outdoors.


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