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…You really like us! And you especially like our book, My Grandma Could Do ANYTHING in Hawaii! 
My Grandma Could do Anything in Hawaii!

Here’s what folks are saying about it:

This is a wonderful book for any Tutu (Grandma).

Nancy H.—Hawaii, The Big Island

What a refreshing and fun book! You just have to chuckle at the cute drawings. It really captures the joy of being a grandma and uniquely gets that message across to keiki (“children” in Hawaiian).

Pat P.—Today’s Little People, Honolulu, Hawaii

A great way for your keiki to remember Grandma and Hawaii.

Luz S.—Aloha Keiki and Teen Wear at the Warf, Lahaina, Maui

If you love this book, or any of our other books, post your appreciation in the comments below.

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