Walt Disney—American Genius!

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Photo of the Disney Family Museum building in San Francisco

Our family visit at the Walt Disney Family Museum at the Presido in San Francisco was a very pleasant surprise. It was perfectly set up for educating the fans about the life and accomplishments of Walt Disney.

The curators of the museum limit the number of people entering at one time, so you don’t get that walking down Disneyland Main Street on Christmas Day feeling. The guests are taken on a journey starting with Disney’s youth and ending with his untimely death at 65. We are informed through photos, letters, recordings, artifacts, displays and film. I personally find his early years of the most interest. These are the years that really shape the engine of the individual. The stories can be delightful tales or harsh realities, or as in the case with Disney (like most people), both. Either way these experiences are the social DNA that produces the fruits of the individual.

The museum continues chronicling the ups and downs (mostly ups) of his many accomplishments and challenges. I was exhausted just reading about them, let alone what it must have been like doing them. Looking at who the museum visitors were was just as fascinating. I heard many foreign languages, I saw people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. I even saw a Goth kid admiring the exhibit (I think Minnie wore black lipstick).  His art truly transcended all barriers.

I don’t recommend the museum for the very young. It is more of an educational experience than an entertainment experience (no rides…darn it!).

It amazes me that the world is still so enamored with Walt Disney. I’m surprised planet earth has not sprouted Mickey ears. Actually, I don’t think anyone would mind… (maybe Donald).



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