Here Today, Been to Maui!

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Maui beach in moonlight


It’s a snowy day in Boulder today so my first thoughts (after the morning cup of Joe) are is there any way to skip work go directly to the airport and hop a plane to Maui. The answer, “No, pineapple head and get back to Planet Gotta Make a Living (and No Palm Trees for you!).” Well, maybe just looking at some old photos can help with the Maui joneses (great diversion,…I recommend it). As I look back at the photos I realize that the reason I enjoyed it so much was because it was such a great family experience.
There is so much for the family to do, snorkeling (swallowing salt water…yumm), body surfing (more salt water), hiking (Are wild boars around during the day?), tennis( that ball was “ IN,” you cannot be serious!) and generally soaking in the Aloha spirit. People talk about this and there really is an Aloha Spirit and once you experience it, you can never forget it. It’s really a number of things… the tropical weather, the aroma of the flowers, the gorgeous scenery and the wild life. But obviously the most important part is the people. The best way I can describe Hawaiians is gentle, warm and generally very “sweet”.
Our family has enjoyed the benefits of visits to the islands and except for the occasional screaming to stop for Shave Ice, everything has been amazing. My Hawaii book was inspired by these visits and it was a labor of love to write.




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  1. Debra Jason says:

    Loved what you wrote about Maui and, living on Kauai, I can certainly relate to the beauty you describe. The photo posted is beautiful and it sounds like Maui holds a special place in your heart. You should, however, give Kauai a try! Would love to see you here on the Garden Isle.

    January 19, 2012 at 11:26 AM

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