Maroon Bells – Hear the Nature?

by Ric Dilz. 0 Comments

Marron Bells Colorado Rockies

Outside of Aspen Colorado are the Maroon Bells. Although this is hard to document,The Bells are believed to be the  most photographed scene in Colorado. As you can see they are spectacular. Quite frankly, photos really don’t do them justice (even when I drop in a picture of Grandma and friends). A hike up to Crater Lake is definitely recommended. From Maroon Lake this hike serpentines through wooded areas and rock fields with plenty of reasons to stop and take in the awesomeness.You might even run into a marmot hanging around the rocks.It is a very special Marmot in Time when you do (sorry). This is my favorite spot to visit in Colorado. I try to make the trip once a year…it’s my soul candy.

Add your own captions for Grandma and the turtle in the comments section.

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