Have Fun at The Zoo!- Well Who Doesn’t?

by Ric Dilz. 0 Comments

Laughing Zebra

Exotic Animals AND Exotic Humans for the price of a single admission ticket.

Kids definitely get the biggest kick out of seeing the animals (the ones without the braces).

They immediately try to make associations with human behavior. A gorilla hanging around sitting on a couch like a bed of branches.

“Look, Just like Daddy!” they might shout.

A lion and her cubs elicit a logical question.

“If we have stuffed animals to help us go to sleep, do they have little stuffed humans to help them?”

Well, those tiny little nuggets can either keep us laughing like hyenas or groaning like longhorns.

Whether it’s at the City Zoo or the zoo inside their house,¬† we should¬† just always remember to look at the kids like the adoring Grandmas do (with rose colored contacts).

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