Dads are Cool…

by Ric Dilz. 0 Comments

Dad Hoisting a dinosaur

(at least that’s what they tell their kids)

We focused a lot on Grandmas so far in this blog but I also have a fun book about Dads.
It’s very silly and very enjoyable (Dad mows lawns with monsters, gives a hippo a haircut, lifts a dinosaur over his head to name a few). Young kids really love it.
When my kids were young, being a silly Dad was so much fun and their reactions were
always greeted with fits of laughter. My kids have outgrown most of the silly stuff
(but I haven’t and I still give it a try). If I only had a nickel for every rolled eye (that’s two kids times two rolled eyes….adds up quick!). Anyway, the point is Dads keep trying to entertain (usually with the same jokes…Classics!) and never want to lose their best audience … their kids. I guess my point is Celebrate the Silly while you can and enjoy the moments shared. Uh Oh, am I getting too sentimental? Probably, remember Dads are softies too.


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