Great Sacandaga

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Sacandaga Lake

Let’s go skiing now, everybody’s learning how. Come on and skifari with me!

Just visited upstate New York and the Adirondacks where I grew up.  Going home is always fun. Seeing old friends,relatives and the beautiful scenery always seems to center me.
A person can never change their roots, it’s in their DNA. For the most part, that’s a good thing. It’s the foundation and reference on which all experiences are built.

Now to the fun part….water skiing! Yeah (I think?)

As with many lakes, water skiing is the primary water sport and the Great Sacandaga is no different. Water skiing is like riding a bike (without the ugly shorts). Once you’ve learned it, seems like you can always get up. Skiing on one ski however is a little more challenging. Sometimes those motor skills need a major lube job. One thing that does come back VERY quickly is how hard the water is when you fall.
At a certain age (yes, I’ve reached it) you start taking inventory after the “Big Splashdown”. Let’s see, arms,legs,teeth,ear wax,contacts,wedding ring etc. Once that’s over, you give the OK signal to the boat’s skipper that you’re fine (sort of).

“Want to try it again?” the skipper yells.
“Yeah sure…next year” ( I swear I can hear fish laughing at me).

I can chalk off another year that I can water ski. Damn, I’m good. “The Dad” does it again. Haven’t lost anything except the desire to do it more than once a year.

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