July 4th- OOH! AHH! Fireworks!

by Ric Dilz. 0 Comments

Dad with Sparklers

I went up to a parking lot overlooking Boulder to view the fireworks on Monday.

It was the perfect spot for viewing the fireworks and the patriotic scene of families, couples and k9′s. From our vantage spot we could see fireworks from up and down the Front Range.

We counted four distinct displays (Boulder’s was the last to start for some reason).

While waiting,I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on some of the conversations around me (very entertaining).

An elderly man was going on about his experiences at an African airport. “no cell phone reception ‘ he said almost in a slight panic and “16 year old soldiers heavily armed on the tarmac” (I’m not sure what was more scary for him).

A little kid asked his Dad what their dog’s favorite color was. My daughter offered a quick response “purple” she blurted out  (what a coincidence, that’s her favorite color too).

I overheard a foreign accent and couldn’t help wondering if this was their first 4th of July celebration in America. If it was, what were they thinking? Large thoughts about America or when are these damn fireworks going to start? I think everyone there was thinking a little of both. Well, the damn fireworks finally started and the chorus of oohs and ahhs began.

I even heard some mocking of oohs and ahhs from some immature patriots (OK, I promise not to do it next year).

Well the fireworks didn’t disappoint, they were great. You could sense the proud spirit and gratitude to the Americans past and present who make this country great.


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